market intelligence meets social investment

“To set out to make the world a better place is inspirational”
– Kevin Roberts, Lovemarks

Infusion is a socially conscious research and market knowledge hub with a mission to attract attention to and facilitate discussion around business, market and development related challenges facing South Africa and extensive parts of Africa.

No market is without risk or without opportunity and an open mind and in-depth understanding of both risks and opportunities help to identify attainable opportunities and thereafter sustainable business…

Infusion believes that when running a sustainable business in an underdeveloped or unevenly developed market, it is insufficient to solely capitalise on opportunities in select consumer segments. It is imperative to realize that future markets are being created (or destroyed) daily, and a wide angle view is necessary to navigate the success of any initiative. To incorporate this into the Infusion business model means a big picture approach - including innovative systems, continuous connections to local communities, capitalising on ideas around intelligent business and a focus on smart partnerships. An example of such a partnership is the successful community-based contextual research project: The South African Community Capability Study - in association with the Centre for Democratising Information ( as well as Infusion’s work in building locally representative business models such as that with Infusion CCC (Construction and Concrete Care).

In essence, due to its research roots, Infusion has the ability to:

·         generate meaningful insight into underdeveloped and unevenly developed segments in the economy supported with risk analysis

·         provide authentic, cost effective research able to provide contextual awareness of local realities

·         support business response to government’s call to develop inclusive markets and models

·         link corporate social responsibility with go-to-market strategy

·         supply tactical/bespoke services including:

§  consulting

§  product development assistance

§  market development

§  training

§  satisfaction studies

§  evaluations

§  impact assessments

§  field work


Infusion serves corporate players (Standard Bank, Vodacom, Sanlam, Shoprite, Massmart, Microsoft, SAP, MultiChoice, First National Bank, PEP), government (FSB, Department of Health, HSRC, National Planning Commission, the dti, DPME, DAFF), SMME support agencies (The Business Place, SEDA) and NGOs (Soul City, NID, Finmark Trust).

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